More Than An Athlete


Jaydon's Background

Jaydon is a defensive back from Ocala, Florida who currently plays for Morehead State. His love for football stems from playing in the Marion County Youth Football League when he was 11 years old. Playing football has given him the opportunity to make his dreams come true both on and off the field. However, he knows that he is more than an athlete and can use his platform to make a difference in society. 

Like Malcolm X said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Jaydon has large aspirations and is looking to attend a university that will help him open the right doors toward achieving his goals both on and off the field.


Community Involvement

Since Jaydon was young, he always believed in giving back to his community and being more than an athlete. During his high school career, He won three first-place gold medals in public speaking with the Future Business Leaders of America. In his senior year, he was the President of the Student Government at Trinity Catholic.

In addition, he has been involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and they actually helped sponsor the Jaydon Hodge “More Than an Athlete” Camp that took place this past Memorial Day Weekend in Ocala, FL. After the camp, he created the More Than An Athlete L.L.C. which he is the CEO/Founder of.